Day 23: Hot Springs, NC - 272 miles

[posted by Katie, Gary's Trail Boss]

Gary asked me to post an update to let you know he's still making miles on the trail.  He took a Zero Day in Hot Springs, NC to rest, resupply and let the swelling go down on his left ankle (not a super serious injury, it's already much better).  Hot Springs is a quaint town good for food, hospitality, and Civil War reenactments, but not good for wi-fi or cell phone coverage.  So far most of the trail has had poor AT&T coverage, hence the few updates.  Supposedly it gets better further north.

Dave, Barb, Barb's mom, Travis, Mark and Sue all came to Hot Springs to cheer Gary on and hear stories from him and Voldemort.  There is never a shortage of stories!  Many calories were consumed, and I wish I had a dollar every time a thru-hiker declared that they couldn't possibly eat another bite, only to be hungry two hours later.

Two business matters:

  • The Kickstarter project funded today.  A huge thank you to everyone that supported Gary on this adventure!  It's very humbling, and he's been thinking nice thoughts about all of you, believe me.  He's still flabbergasted by the support.  You guys are amazing.  His notebook is already chock full of stories, and he's only been on the trail for three weeks.  I can't imagine how he's going to whittle it all down to fit in one book.
  • I wanted to remind you of the other sections on this website: Images and Where's Gary Now?  Photos will be added every couple of weeks as I get them, so check out Images every now and then.  Where's Gary Now? is a map of where he's been and where he's going, and is updated every two to three days so you can see his progress along the 2,180 mile trail with a glance at his giant floating head.

I wish I was half the writer Gary was, so to distract you from my lackluster update, here are a few pics from the trail...

Is this sign meant to be encouraging?

Green Giant on Charlie's Bunion

Relaxing on the first Zero Day