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 First Journal Entry at Springer Mountain - Photo by Mark Calcagni

First Journal Entry at Springer Mountain - Photo by Mark Calcagni

On May 10th of last year I set foot on the Appalachian Trail and began the journey of a lifetime. To mark the anniversary of that day, I shared the first chapter of the book, which will be out this fall.  

If you missed it, stick around; it will return. I removed the link because my editor is doing an amazing job and what I shared earlier is no longer representative of the completed work. In other words, I answered the door with my hair all sideways and pillow lines on my face.  Come back in a bit. I clean up real good.

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Hello, and welcome to Where's The Next Shelter. If you've been here before, you know exactly what this is. If you've never been here before, you probably also know exactly what this is: the blog I maintained while living outside and climbing mountains every day for much of 2014. If you start here and keep reading, you'll see my tale told in reverse. You'll get the story of a malnourished hairy fella who travels south, gains a bunch of weight and goes to work for a software company. Oddly enough, that's what's actually happened over the last three months. Not here though. Not on this site. It's a blog; newest stuff is at the top. I'll save you from having to scroll to the bottom and click "Older" so many times. Use that big text above this paragraph to go back in time and see what really happened. Do it. I'm telling you, you'll be glad you did. 

 Hard at work.

Hard at work.

How's the book coming?

Exactly as it should. The first draft is about 90% complete. Then it goes into re-write. Then edits. Then layout, printing, binding and so on. I've been working almost nonstop since my return to polite civilization last October. The plan is to have something in your hands this summer.