Day 3: Flat Feet

I am sitting at the world famous Mountain Crossings at Neels Gap. It's near the end of day 3 and I have about one more mile to go. That will put me at 33 1/3 miles in!

View from Blood Mountain

View from Blood Mountain

Katie walked the first 2 miles with Mark and me, and he drove back home this morning. I'm already starting to run into the same people again and again and I actually like some of them.  

One such fellow traveler was 71 year old "Flat Feet." He sported massive calves and each patch of the triple crown of hiking. He asked me how tall I was and I told him 6'-3". He looked at my green shoes my green socks and my green shirt and said, "Have a good hike, Green Giant!" I suppose it fits. Plus I am jolly... Well, most of the time!  

When I told Flat Feet that I felt great he said, "Of course you do. You're just getting started!"