Day 83: Wind Gap, PA - 1,274 Miles

This is going to be a very quick update because I'm getting back on the trail today after resting my feet for a few days. First of all, thank you all so much for caring about my feet! I've received a surprising amount of well wishes and prayers, and I'm happy to report that my feet feel good. I am wearing my favorite boots now, and they really help on the rocks. There's certain trail terrain that triggers a Pavlovian fear response when I see it, and now with the extra foot armor, I can walk with a normal gait again. My foot no longer "rainbows" over the pointy rocks. I feel protected, and strong. 

I made one last stop at the doctors office this morning for a a final pre-trail once-over. I've had a rash for the past few days and I wanted to get it looked at. Within one second of examining it, the doc said, "You have Lyme disease." 

This would explain the fatigue, headaches, joint pain and excessive napping lately. I just thought all of those things were the cumulative effects of three months of hiking. The good news is, I'm on a strong antibiotic, the bad news is, I'm going to feel like shit for the next month. At least I'll feel like shit out in the woods where I'm happy, and not in some stupid grey office building. So I've got that going for me.  

One last thing, and then I'm back on the trail. If you're interested in more frequent updates from me, please find me on Facebook. I'm Gary Sizer and I'll be your friend. I try to put a lot of time and thought into updates here, which means less frequent stories. On Facebook, I'll toss up a pretty picture and a sentence or two about where I am or what I'm doing.  It's light, but there's a lot of it, so that's an option too.

I cannot thank Lode Land Hospitality enough for giving me a place to convalesce these past few days. My body healed, but far more important is the restoration to my spirit. I have laughed and smiled and eaten and slept and even gained four pounds here. More importantly, I've gained a real friend, and I'm glad that the trail put me here.