Where's the Next Shelter? is the true story of three travelers on the Appalachian Trail, a two thousand mile hike that stretches from Georgia to Maine, told from the perspective of Gary Sizer, a seasoned backpacker and former Marine who quickly finds himself humbled by the endeavor. He teams up with Megan, a sassy college grad whose indomitable spirit eclipses her lack of experience, and Lemmy, a cartoonist from overseas whose off-kilter commentary on the wonders and frustrations of the trail keeps everyone laughing.

Sprawling through the woods and towns of the Appalachian mountains, the trail carries the trio through real and fanciful ups and downs ranging from hilarious to perilous. Much more than an orderly account of mountain tops and meals, it is an adventure about friends figuring things out as they go. It's about screw-ups and solutions, awe and inspiration. 

If you long for the horizon, or to sleep under the stars, then come along for the hike of a lifetime. All you have to do is take the first step.

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"Where's the Next Shelter is a tour de force in storytelling. If you don't laugh out loud while reading this book, seek medical attention. Something is broken."

 — Zach Davis, AppalachianTrials.com

"If Bill Bryson and Dave Barry ever had a kid, not only would that be oddly improbable, but would also likely result in an offspring who writes a lot like Gary Sizer…funnily, informatively and wonder-inducingly. God, I hate him."

— Scott Herriott, SquatchFilms.com


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Gary Sizer,
aka Green Giant


Gary Sizer was born in New Castle, Pa. Years of military service and software consulting fed his passion for travel, which he now enjoys full time. He is an adventure writer and hiker currently residing in the hills near Asheville, N.C. After he walked the Appalachian Trail in 2014, his before and after pictures went viral, and since then 3 million people have seen him in his underpants.